Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still alive!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been pretty much sleeping/lounging around... a lot. I decided against going back to work this week, especially with that terrible rash and still being in a considerate amount of pain. I think that's the Mirena because its very crampy like pain, very different from the pain I experienced post-op last time, sans Mirena. I've also had a lot of spotting, which I also attribute to the Mirena, argh.

My rash is getting better! The combo of Prednisone and Benadryl is finally starting to kick it, although I still have itchy moments throughout the day. At least I can tolerate clothing now... another reason I decided against going to work this week- I didn't think they'd like it if I came back naked, heehee. I've been slowly forcing myself to stay in clothes longer and longer each day as Monday is the BIG day when I absolutely have to go back. :(

My insicions are healing nicely. Still a bit tender, but thats normal. My bellybutton is the stubborn one though, still hurts like the dickens! Waist bands are murder, and while I protect it with gauze, it is still quite bothersome. Today was the first day it hasn't bled after wearing clothes, so I guess thats a good thing!

Energy wise I'm starting to feel a lot better. I'm going to have a hard time giving up my numerous daily naps, but at least I can sleep in late since I don't go in until 12:30PM each day! I know I should expect to still be tired for a few weeks, so I'm not expecting too much from myself this next coming week...

That's it I guess. My 6 week postop is on July 15th, entirely too far away for me, but oh well. I'm sure time will start flying by once I start working again.


Jeanne said...


Glad you've been resting... as it should be! Good move with the work decision! Sorry about the pain.

Yay!! Go away rash! That's awesome!! No, they probably don't want you showing up at work in your b-day suit. Good call.

So the day after tomorrow is the day you'll go back? I hope that rash hurries up and gets even better!

Glad your incisions are healing well. The belly button is always a stinker, isn't it? My acupuncturist tells me that is the qi (pronounced chi) or energy center of the whole body. Can you try a dress, so the waistband isn't pushing on the incision?

Glad your energy is getting better. Just try to resist the urge to overdo it. Glad you can sleep in.

Good luck at your post-op. Don't forget to take notes. I always get a copy of my operative report requested at post-op too.

Feel better soon!!


My Endo Journey said...

Why do they make us wait so long after they've cut into our bodies?!

Glad things are getting better. And, good luck with work next week!!!

In Due Time said...

I hope your wounds heal fast. Try to take it easy when you go back to work. Hugs.

Nic said...

Found your blog through ICLW. Thought I would say 'hi'. I also have stage IV endo. I had my second lap just under three weeks ago. Frustratingly they couldnt remove all my endo as was so inflammed so need my 3rd lap in 6months after injections to suppress my ovaries! I really hope your rash goes soon. I am back to work Monday as well sadly. Hope first day back goes well!
PS love the gas bump! I should have taken pictures, I think I will next time!!
PPS, what is the band around your belly you was wearing?

WiseGuy said...

What a sad looking rash! How much do we really endure in our quest for parenthood!

And yes, Hoping for a healthy recovery for you!

And yes, work can go slow for a while. OK?


KD said...

How long was your recovery??? I am 3 weeks post-op, and still in a lot of pain. I amm trying to connect with others' and find out what this is all about... :(