Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!

Yep. That would be me... So sorry for worrying you Jeanne, I've been a bad blogger. Very, very bad. I haven't really even been keeping up with my email either (which doesn't help when people are trying to figure out why you've fallen off the face of the planet... again, sorry Jeanne!)

So, after we decided to quit TTC and I got put back on BCP's (which ugh, so NOT a good thing, but more on that later) I kind of went into a funk. After 3 years of doing nothing but obsessing over getting pregnant, I had a really hard time adjusting to doing nothing. As my last few posts reflect, I still wasn't feeling all that hot (constant nausea and pain) and emotionally I was just not holding it together very well. How did I deal? Well, I didn't... I just chose to try to ignore things... ignore the Endo, ignore how I felt, ignore pretty much everything and anything that had even the remotest connection to all this crap. Unfortunately, that meant ignoring this blog... again, I'm sorry.

I think I'm ready to come back now.

What have I been up to lately? Well, pretty much working my bum off. I'm starting a new job here in a few weeks and am currently training my replacement and trying to tie up all loose ends before making the switch. I'm going back to school this fall to finish up my RN, so I'm really excited about that too! We're planning on paying down our debt and then saving up for adoption. Maybe some day we'll attemp IVF... maybe we won't. For right now, we're closing the TTC chapter in our lives for my own health and sanity.

On the Endo front, BCP hasn't been all that fun. The pain has gone away for the most part, so that's great BUT everything else just really bites! I'd been bleeding pretty much non-stop since I started it about 2 months ago. I also started getting migraines more and more frequently and the severity was just out of control. They would last for days at a time, my worst lasted about 5 days... insane, I wanted to die! It brought the nausea back and I was back on Phenegran.

It finally occured to me that maybe it was the BCP's (duh!) so I called my doctor and as soon as he heard what had been happening, he told me to STOP taking them right away and put me back on Aygestin. This was about 1 week ago and so far that was hands down the best decision ever! The bleeding stopped pretty much over night (YAY!!!) and the migraines have been slowly getting better. I was told Aygestin can cause headaches, but we're hoping it will at least not be as severe as what I'd been experiencing before. I'm starting to feel a lot better, so I'm hoping this will be successful. I still plan on getting the Mirena IUD in a few months, so we'll see.

Hope you are all having a great (and pain free!) day! :)