Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gas pains = no sleepy :(

So here I am, awake and hurting at 4:30am. Just like last time, I cannot lay down because the gas pains are excruciating in that position. Sleeping sitting up is just not very comfortable, and this is my 5th time waking up due to this dilemma. Grrr...
I figured I might as well do something to distract myself and maybe sleep will come... eventually! So here's my Lap experience:

Bowel prep- So glad that's over! Not fun, but then again could I have expected anything more? lol

We arrived at the hospital at 5AM sharp. They got me all prep-ed and then the torture began... waiting... waiting... and waiting some more. About 1 1/2 hours later my Anesthesiologist came in to talk with us and promised me a sedative b/c I was pretty anxious at that point. Then my doc came in and we chitchatted for another little while. Then my nurse arrived with that blessed little syringe full of the good stuff. I kissed Ben, they doped me up and off we went. I saw a little too much of the OR this time, which freaked me out, but then they put on my gas mask and bam, I was out!

I woke up to a nurse putting my abdominal binder on (aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, LOVE that thing!)asking me if I was in pain. YES! She gave me something, brought more warm blankies and then off we went to phase 2 recovery. I had to transfer myself to a recliner (ouch!) and after my vitals were taken, Ben was allowed to come in. Forty-five minutes later I was just one big mess of tears... sooooooo much pain! They had already given me 2 Percocets and an 800mg Ibuprofen, but to no avail. My chest was hurting so bad and the crying wasn't helping so my doc ordered I'd be given some Morphine. Oddly enough that just barely took the edge off. I was still shaking and bawling and the nurse felt awful because I wasn't getting any relief/ Paged my doc again and this time they gave me 1/2 a dose of Demerol. THAT did the trick! Once the pain was under control, they got me some apple juice and saltine crackers, yuuuuum! It felt really good to eat and sip, that totally helped! Right before they discharged me (early afternoon) they gave me the other 1/2 dose of Demerol for the ride home. We received instructions on how to care for and remove my catheter at home, Ben was given all my post-op in instructions and Rx's and that was it! I don't really remember much about the ride home due to the Demerol, but at least it wasn't super painful, right? :)

So this is what they found: Endo was back (duh) though not nearly as bad as last time in 2007. Lots of adhesions and endometriomas. My right ovary (the one that gives me the most grief) was stuck to my abdominal wall, so he freed that and wrapped it in that filmy stuff. I had a fibroid on the outside of my uterus removed, as well as a polyp on the inside. He cleared out my tubes, did a D&C and then inserted the Mirena. The surgery itself took about 1 1/2 hours, so not too bad. I got some pictures to take home with me, thats always fun!

The pain has been manageable with the Percocet and Ibuprofen, though I take them right on time b/c if I wait too long that pain gets insane and then I'm stuck writhing around for 45 minutes while the pills kick in. This time I have 3 incisions instead of 4. Doc said the incisions are closed with sutures but I have yet to see them since they put big bandages over them. I can take them off in the shower today if I want and then replace them with fresh/clean/dry ones. The catheter comes out today was well which should also improve my comfort level.

I go back in 6 weeks for my post-op and to check the Mirena. This time around seems to be a bit easier than last, so I'm hoping the recovery will go smoother. Ben is taking excellent care of me, I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful hubby!

Ok, pain is creeping back up... I better go and get some rest. More updates to come!


My Endo Journey said...

What are these binder contraptions? I wonder why I've never seen one! So sorry about your pain! I'm glad they were able to help tackle it in recovery; hope the gas disapates soon! Sounds like did a lot in less than 2 hours! Amazing. Stay on top of those pain pills, and, keep me updated on the sutures! I want some of those next time!!!

Rest up!

Alex said...

Here is a link to abdominal binders. I got one last time and this time as well (my doc had then give me one) The are heaven sent!!! Basically its support for your swollen/tender belly. I wore mine 6 weeks post-op last time, definitely helped!


How are feeling by the way?

LupronGirl said...

Glad to hear you're back home. Hope those pain pills keep helping! I'm glad you have a good husband/nurse!!