Saturday, June 6, 2009

Still in the dark

Warning: Picture of belly button and rash at bottom of post, just in case you don't want to see... careful as you scroll down!

So after a few days of using Hydrocortisone cream and seeing no results (in fact, it just kept getting worse!) I spoke to my doc and told him what was going on with my rash. He was really surprised to hear about it because not only had he not used the Dermabond, but he's also switched to a different kind of antiseptic wash that is supposed to be a bit more hypoallergenic, just in case it was that causing the rash. So we still have no idea what is causing this!!! The rash has spread up to my chest, down my thighs, and around my sides towards my back now! I've been walking around/laying practically in the buff for 2 days because I cannot handle anything even touching me, its awful!!! I'm starting a medrol pack (steroids) tonight though and a different kind of topical cream along with it.

On the other front, I'm still taking the Nystatin for the thrush and started Diflucan yesterday for my vag yeast infection. Can we just say uncomfortable?!?! I am just so frustrated... I really did think this Lap would be so much easier and faster recovery-wise than my last. I was 1/2 wat contemplating returning to work this week but now I'm not so sure... At least I don't seem to be having any problems with the Mirena (as of yet, knock on wood) other than some slight cramping but nothing major. I'm still soooooooooooo tired though, but last night was the first night I slept more than 2-3 hours! (Pretty sure it was due to the Phenegran I took right before bedtime) so that made me happy. I guess I'll just have to take it a day at a time and see how it goes.

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(Hopefully that took enough space to keep the picture out of the first screen!)

Here is a picture of my rash for those that want to see: at least my incisions look better this time around, so we're pretty sure not using the dermabond was a good idea anyway, even if it wasn't the ONLY cause of the rash.


My Endo Journey said...

Ughhhh, you poor thing!!! :( And what misery to such other company you have going on too! I feel for you!!!!!!!! Glad they started you on the steroids. Yikes, talk about no sleep! I'd lay back a few more days from work, let all that mess get taken care of!

Endo Living said...

Wow, you are really going through it. I hope your misery will end soon. I have my lap at the end of the month and I thank you for being so honest with yours.

My Endo Journey said...

Hope it's going okay!!!!

Jeanne said...

Regardless of what's causing the rash and itching, Benedryl may help if you haven't taken it yet. If you're having trouble sleeping, Benedryl could be your friend for getting sleepy too!

I would definitely suggest taking the time you need off of work.

Could you be having a rash due to an allergic reaction to an oral medication such as a painkiller? I know you have a history with topical reactions and I understand you're tracking where the rash starting spreading from.

At the same time, you could have multiple things going on at once. The rash sounds pretty widespread. So I suppose you could be having a reaction to an oral medication... maybe even the same oral med you had with your last surgery??

As far as the doctor having trouble figuring out what you might be reacting to topically, hospitals use so many substances that can seriously affect sensitive individuals, it's not even funny.

Even if you find something to give you relief, it would be optimal to find the cause of the rash. That way, if there is an allergen or substance you are sensitive to, you can have a clue of what to avoid in the future.

As far as the candida issues, I highly suggest getting some probiotics as soon as possible.

It makes sense you're frustrated. Who wouldn't be?

As far as lap recovery time, docs always underestimate it and you have a history of complex recovery. So don't rush yourself back to work. It won't be worth it.

I've had 6 laparoscopies and 1 laparotomy (major surgery). I can honestly tell you that I learned my lesson pushing myself back to work before my body was ready. I regret it.

It certainly makes sense that you're tired with everything your body has been through (not to mention sleep-deprivation).

Oh, yes, I had phenergan after my last surgery and it made me drowsy for sure.

Your picture shows that your are clearly sore. I'm really sorry. If you don't get relief, keep pushing back to your doctor rather than just suffering.

I'm sorry!!

Take care,


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