Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Scared ya, didn't I? :) Well, it's been so long I wouldn't be surprised if no one even bothers to check my blog anymore, lol. Thanks Jeanne for sending me that note! :)

So wow, it's been what... 4 months?!?! Geez, I'm such a slacker! Well, so here I am 5 months post-op and feeling much, much, much better! The Mirena took me a while to get comfortable with. I'd been warned about the random spotting and cramping and yes, it certainly did happen. The spotting wasn't really a big deal but the cramps were killer. I still have strong ones every now and then, but certainly not as regularly as 1-2 months post-op. I seriously felt like I was trying to birth the dang thing... I was told this would probably last 4-6 months, but it went away by about 3 months. So really, no biggy. AF is very light these days and like clockwork, its so nice! I heart the Mirena, really, I do! :)

Post-op life has been hectic. I'm in school full time and working as well. I will be applying for the RN program here in a few months and so I've been working hard to keep my 4.0 GPA to snag a spot since its very competitive. I'm also about to complete my CNA certification and am currently job-hunting for a position in our metro hospitals. Life is busy, but I'm having a blast!

All in all I'm feeling really good these days! Every once in a while I'll have a painful day, but they are not frequent at all, thank goodness. Whatever my doc did this last Lap seems to have worked and the Mirena is probably part of it as well. We'll see how I continue to do with it, but so far I'm a fan! :)


Ali said...

Hooooooooooooooray!!!!! It's SO great to hear from you! Glad things are going well! i'm thinking about going back and getting my RN...

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are feeling good, i have a friend who has had mirena for a couple of years, she LOVES it.

Jeanne said...


I'm glad to hear you are feeling better than before. I'm also glad that my note brought you out of "blog retirement". Haha. I know you're busy but we like to see you once in awhile to know you're OK. :) :) :)

That's awesome that you have a 4.0 GPA. Back in the day, I had a 4.0 GPA and I totally understand not wanting to lose that. Like you, I was working many hours AND in college full time simultaneously. So I feel you you because I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It's always nice to hear from you. Sometime when you need a 5 minute mental break from your studies, I still think you should check out my Halloween post because I know you are a big Harry Potter fan! I promise it will be worth you time.

The post is called "Happy Harry Potter Halloween".

Keep up the good work with your studies! :)


Jeanne said...


I just saw your comment on Allison's blog. I am so sad for her loss. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh good!

devon said...

Welcome back! Glad you are recovering well! Is it too personal to ask "What is Mirena? How is it helping after your surgery?"

PS. thanks for checking on me !!! It meant a lot! :)