Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sad Tale of a Stubborn Stich Named Stan

There was once a stitch by the name of Stan. Stan was born with two missions in life: 1) Hold his assigned incision closed tightly until it had healed and 2) Once finished with his first mission, quietly and quickly dissolve and return to that great big pile of dissolvable stitches in the sky... But no, this stitch was special. You see, Stan was a particularly stubborn stitch. His goal was to be the strongest stitch out there, and do the very best job he could at keeping his assigned home (incision) safely closed up. So zealous was Stan about his first duty, that he began forgetting about (or ignoring, in my opinion) his second duty.

One by one, Stan's stitchy buddies began saying farewell as the weeks went by and Stan's home healed and closed tightly. Yet Stan stood steadfast and immovable. Each day Stan's home would check to see if Stan was still there, and sure enough, he was. After a few weeks, something long and metallic began pulling on him every few days, but Stan did his best to hold on... and hold on he did. "Why is my home trying to pull me out?" wondered Stan. Resolved to make his home proud, he held on even tighter, and did his best to be visible and poke his home several times a day to remind it the he, Stan the Stubborn Stitch, was still there... doing his duty.

Today however, was a sad day for Stan the stitch. Countless times, that long metal instrument had failed to pluck him from his home. Today his home tried again, but with a much less formidable enemy... fingers. "Ha!" laughed Stan... "You shall never overcome me, Stan the Stubborn Stitch! I shall stand my ground forev-""Yes!" cried Stan's home as all of a sudden Stan found himself trapped between two fingers. "Finally!" the home screamed. And with that, Stan was chucked unceremoniously into a nearby trashcan.

The End :)


Jenn said...

ha, I love it! :-)

What IF? said...

Too funny. Glad you are now officially "healed" after your victorious battle with Stan the stitch.

My Endo Journey said...

Peace out Stan!!!

Jeanne said...

Wow! That was quite a story! Did you ever think of becoming a book author? It sounds like you could really write a blockbuster.

Your post inspired me to respond in rhyme. These words appeared in little time.

There was a glitch with the stitch; it was causing an itch. But Stan the man didn't beat out the hand.

At first his work ethic fared really well... until Body needed him OUT to get well.

He didn't know how to take a hint. When the metallic object showed him a glint.

"Never fear, the body said". I can get him out by using my head.

Out the fingers pulled poor Stan. Landing him in the trashcan.

Awesome post!


devon said...

Hey girl!
Hope you are feeling better and healing quickly! This post is hilarious! :)

Anyway, just checking on you and also wanted to tell you there is an award waiting for you on my blog :)

Steph said...

That is such an awesome post, thanks for the laugh! It totally reminded me of my own stubborn stitch back in 2007.

Vander said...

I totally had the same thing! My last stitch wanted to move in with us!

Jeanne said...


I miss you and hope you're OK!