Friday, May 29, 2009

Early bowel prep from H*LL!

Last night I went to bed feeling cruddy. My head was killing me and I just felt "icky" (yes, I know, such a medically accurate term!) so I took some 8-hour Tylenols and went to bed. I woke up at 5AM shivering and feeling even worse. I had a fever and nausea/diarrhea as well... great. When my pre-op nurse called this morning to get everything rolling I told her about this and she told me I needed to contact my doc ASAP because this might cause my surgery to be canceled. WHAT?!?! I guess I should have known, but I wasn't thinking too far ahead at that point. So I called and left a message with his nurse and he called me back after a while to find out more about what was going on.

He suspects its just a viral stomach bug but said that we'll have to monitor how I'm feeling over the weekend before we can safely proceed with the Lap. I am to keep taking my temps and if I have even a smidge of a fever still on Sunday, the surgery is off. Noooooooooooooooooo!!! :( My instructions for now are to stay home, rest/sleep as much as I can, and stay well hydrated. On the upside, he said this will make my bowel prep on Sunday easier since there won't hardly be anything left in me to clean out... hooray... :/

So yeah... nothing left to do but watch and wait. I'm stocked up on Sprite and Gatorade and will spend the rest of the day on the couch watching movies/sleeping I suppose. My head is finally starting to feel a little better, thank goodness and my fever seems to be coming down a smidge as I no longer feel like my eyeballs are boiling in their sockets. I hope and pray this blows over by Sunday because I will be crushed if I can't get this Lap over with on Monday... these past 6 weeks have been hell and the only thing that kept me going was my countdown to this day... *sigh*


My Endo Journey said...

I was just coming on here to tell you good luck Monday! Pop some vitamin c and zinc too! Hopefully it'll pass quickly!!! I hope to hear you are recovering nicely next report! :)

LupronGirl said...

Hang in there! I hope you get to feeling better by Sunday so everything can go ahead as scheduled. I remember the lead up and anticipation to my last lap. I can't even IMAGINE if it had been postponed!! Sending you healing vibes!

Erika said...

Oh, this is the last thing you need! I sure hope you get over this quickly and are able to proceed, you've been through way to much to postpone it any longer. Good Luck!

What IF? said...

How awful! Sorry to read that you're feeling miserable. I'm crossing my fingers that you're feeling much better by tomorrow and that everything goes ahead as planned on Monday.