Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whoops, I sat on a knife!

Or not...more like my Endo giving my intestines a really hard time this week... *sigh* Ever since I started on this new "mini-pill" my head has felt a whole lot better (hooray for no daily migraines!) but a lot of my "old friends" (as I cynically call them) have resurfaced. Before I had my Lap I suffered from a lot of intestinal pains that I had a hard time convincing doctors of. The best way to explain the pain would be to compare it to what sitting on a knife might feel like. Sharp stabbing pain whenever I'd sit down too quickly, and especially during BM's. Horrible, tearing/pulling type pain. After my Lap I was told that my intestines (both small and large) were just covered in Endo and it was the primary location of most of my adhesions. Lovely! Finally an explanation for all that pain! Turns out it wasn't IBS and/or my imagination after all! Grrrr....

After my Lap those pains disappeared for a considerable amount of time. Recently they've started resurfacing, but this week has been just ridiculous! I've been in constant pain for about 5 days now. Ben says, "Have you gone to the bathroom today?" I just roll my eyes as I know I'm not dealing with constipation here... if I were to eat any more fiber I think I'd explode. :)

So this is exactly what I'd feared it would be... a simple trade off of pain. I can either deal with the migraines (which we've established isn't very safe for me at this point) or deal with the Endo pain because my meds aren't really suppressing it worth 2 beans! Along with my intestinal pains I've also been reacquainting myself with my other "old friends"- bladder pain and that randomly wandering side pain. Oh the joys... I've missed them so much! NOT...

This past AF was atrocious and I'm dreading my next one. My only consolation is the hope that when I get the Mirena inserted in May/June things just *might* start looking up. I've also been seriously contemplating doing that drastic diet overhaul that's supposed to be really effective at relieving Endo symptoms. I've been resisting that because giving up wheat, sugars, dairy, and red meat leave me with little to no palatable choices, as I am NOT a very big veggie eater. I may have to take it one food group at a time, but I'm reaching the point where I'm just about ready to do/try anything.

Anyone have some good recipes? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

I found your blog through EndoChick's blog and added you to my blogroll. As for diet, I bought the Endometriosis Diet e-book and have been trying out recipes from that. So far I really like the Thai Stir Fry!
Red curry is supposed to be anti-inflammatory in nature, and the stir fry dish is a curry dish. I eat that a few times a month.

It took me nearly two years to get used to a diet without wheat, yeast, red meat - and I'm still trying to cut back on sugars and dairy cuz those two have been the hardest for me to eliminate (noooo don't take away my cheeeeese or my cookies!)

There are tons of recipes in the endo diet book, and tons more to be had in other endo books, as well as gluten-free books. One of these days I'll find a way to start compiling recipes on my website.

My Endo Journey said...

I am there with you on the diet. I say I need to, then don't. I think starting out slowly would be helpful. I may get more geared up about it after surgery.

I am SO sorry that you had to trade off symptoms. I am s glad the migraines stopped though. Hormone related migraines can be pretty tricky. Best not to mess with the mind!!!

Sunshine's Mom said...


I just found your blog through desparate searches... I'm sure you know the type. Endometriosis +intenstinal.... okay, "intestinal endometriosis".... etc. While I'm not much for any other type of advice, I will say that I successfully managed this diet for about three months last fall (before my birthday, daughter's birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.) and felt WONDERFUL. I'm having other hangups now with GERD and trying to figure out if that's all related to the endo too, so my diet has been all over the place - I never thought I'd find a symptom I hated more, but the fire-breathing dragon is the worst for me.

I don't have any really good recipes to suggest, but I recommend you visit your local grocery store and if they don't get it when you ask, start with saying "gluten free". It doesn't encompass everything you need to avoid, but it is a helpful starting point.

Good luck!