Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This just feels plain WRONG!

So I started my BC pills last night... I'm on Femcon 35 (the chewable version of Ovcon 35. That's just hillarious... Chewable BC pills? Like they're too big to swallow or something?!?!) As I sat there with my new little white pill in my hand (which actually smells minty, go figure!) I was having this internal struggle in my head.

"Take the pill, Alex"

"No! This stuff makes me STOP ovulating and makes my cervical mucus HOSTILE!"

"Alex, take the stupid pill, it'll make the bleeding go away."

"No! Bleeding means I'm ovulating... Ovulating means there is still a chance!(even if its less than 2%...)"

"Do you WANT to have another Lap in a few months?"


"Take the pill."

"NO! I want a BABY!!!"


......... *gulp*


Then my right ovary has a particularly painful twinge and the stupid logical voice in my head says, "See? Told you so!"


My Endo Journey said...

Poop...I tried to post...did you get it? It said it was "duplicated", so, I hope the first went through! :)

Alex said...

woops, nope, just got the one! I've had that happen before on blogger and its so annoying!!!

ReadyGo said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your inner struggle! Have you gotten in touch with Amanda, the girl who commented on my page about the Mirena? She has a separate endo blog, and she's super helpful. I hope the mirena works for you, I know she told me it worked for her for nearly two years before her endo came back with a vengance. But apparently the first month is really painful. I've heard that from other people too.

I hope you're well!

Alex said...

I tried to find her Endo blog but I must've missed it. She has 2 but none of them seemed Endo-related unless I totally barin-farted it. (Which given how I'm feeling wouldn't be surprising)

Anonymous said...

hi alex, my name is kate. i just wanted to say that i know exactly how you feel. i am starting lupron this week and will be on it for three long months. it just feels wrong to suppress everything when you are trying so hard to get pregnant!

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Alex,

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