Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wake up sleepyheads!!!

My last Lupron shot was on June 24th and on July 22nd, I started up Femara again, so see if that would help wake up my ovaries and get me ovulating again. A few days after starting the Femara, I started feeling all those familiar "twinges" that got me thinking/hoping that this would actually work! However, something odd happened. I started using OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) and not only were they negatice... they were EXTREMELY negative! By that I mean that usually negative = testline is lighter than control line. In my case, I wasn't even getting a testline period! NONE, not even the kind that you can *almost* will into appearance if you turn the test strip juuuuuuuuuust right and squint! Heehee... ;)

Failure to stimulate was confirmed on my cycle day 11 ultrasound. There was just simply NOTHING there. My ovaries were still fast asleep... I guess they're enjoying their vacation too much, lazy bums! I was instructed to keep temping (just in case) and start Prometrium on cd18, continuing through cd29. All OPK's thereafter continued to be super-negative, so yeah... this cycle was a complet bust. I took my last Prometrium Tuesday night and as of yet, still no AF. As soon as she decides to show her face I will be able to start up the Femara again, but until then... the wait is on. :/

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